Our Management Team

Why is Coggins Industries successful? It is because we have the leadership, vision and dedication to grow your business to succeed.

Greg Coggins, President and CEO . Has a bachelor's degree in business management with a concentration in entrepreneurship, a degree in accounting and one in electronic engineering. With over 20 years experience in management, consulting and the IT and security industries, Greg has the expertise needed to grow and develop your business. Greg is a Veteran of the US Air Force

Beth Burbage,Founder and CEO Burbage Talent Services Beth brings over 25 years of experience in developing individual leaders and leadership teams. She is a results-driven executive who has led the organizational development function in for-profit education, senior care, and a national healthcare system. Beth also served in the United States Army and worked for the U.S. Government as a civilian in the Intelligence field in Vicenza, Italy. Beth’s experience in the learning and development field, and her breadth of industry experience has taught her to be a nimble learner of new companies and cultures.

Burbage Talent Services is our partner for executive coaching, organizational assessments, team development, change management, emotional intelligence, employee engagement and retention, succession planning, new-leader transition support, developing and implementing mentor programs, career guidance, interviewing skills, high-potential leader development, supervisory skill development, and leadership development initiatives.

Beth is committed to helping people grow and develop. She does this through an individualized and collaborative approach as a coach and leadership consultant. She dives in quickly to understand the needs, and seeks a win for both the individual and the company. She is intuitive and insightful, and helps leaders think in new ways that create results. She knows when to push and challenge to get past the status quo. She believes in being open and honest with her clients; through transparency that is based on a foundation of trust.

Beth has been an Adjunct Faculty member of the University of Maryland Erickson School. For 5 years, Beth served on the Board of the Orange County Affiliate of the National Human Resources Association as Financial Officer, President-Elect, President, and Past-President. She is a member of the Organization Development Network, the NeuroLeadership Institute, and the Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD).

Beth volunteers helping teens and young adults get a head start on preparing for a career. She is also passionate about helping Vets, volunteering in programs to assist Veterans and their spouses. She is an active participant in the lives of her three grandsons, helping to grow and develop these three amazing young men. Beth received a B.A. in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton, where her credits were split between Business and Psychology.

The rest of our team are highly skilled associates and partners who are experts in the fields of leadership coaching, financial management, legal support, property management, information technologies, process management, sustainability management, information technologies, computer forensics and much more. The compilation of skills and talent is what makes our company the success it is and what will make your company grow and succeed

We Have the Expertise

Beyond our executive management team we have a pool of resources that we consult on on an ongoing basis to stay abreast of the latest management, financial, and technological changes that are happening in our business today.